In 2018 a group of Farmers came together and “hatched” a plan to produce a better chick for the Ontario Market.  A 70,000 square foot hatchery emerged  with the vision of providing immediate light, feed and water to the newly hatched chick.  This group believed that these three elements were paramount to the development of a better healthier bird.  Trillium Hatchery was born.

Today, Trillium Hatchery provides broiler chicks to commercial farms across Southwestern Ontario.  It employees approximately 56 people who are committed to bringing the vision of a better chick to our customers.

Here at Trillium Hatchery we pride ourselves in using the best quality broiler hatching eggs.  These eggs are delivered to our Hatchery which adheres to strict Biosecurity and Animal Welfare Guidelines.  Our team then labels the eggs and separates the delivery by the age of the egg and by what farm it came from.  This is an important part of the process as this information is then passed on to our producers when they place their order with us.

Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.  Our eggs are placed in our state of the art incubators where temperature, humidity and ventilation is closely monitored.  Constant heat and rotation of the egg is crucial in the development of the egg.

Once the chicks are hatched, they are provided with food and water.  Trillium Hatchery is proud to be the only Hatchery in Ontario which provides this.  It has been proven that be being introduced to food, water and light, a better, healthier bird is produced.

Our chicks are hatched, processed, vaccinated and delivered to the Producer in the same clean and disinfected basket.  These baskets are carefully placed into a clean climate controlled transport truck for delivery to our customers.  Careful planning goes into delivery times, locations and the size of the flock order.

Meet Our Team

trillium hatchery southwestern ontario stratford perth county

Adam Zurbrigg

Hatchery Manager

Adam is our Hatchery Manager and oversees all areas of production in our Hatchery. Hatchery activities such as egg care, incubation, vaccination, quality assurance and the shipping of our birds all fall under the umbrella of job duties for Adam. The Maintenance Team is also under his supervision as this team ensures that our equipment is in top working order and meets industry standards. Please reach out to Adam to address any Hatchery concerns.

trillium hatchery southwestern ontario stratford perth county

Dan Wagler

Transportation Manager

Dan is responsible for our most precious cargo….our Chicks! He leads a team of drivers and works in tandem with our local farmers to ensure the best delivery possible! He is responsible for scheduling both our local egg deliveries and our chick deliveries! Truck maintenance, scheduling, geography, and staffing are also duties that Dan looks after here at the Hatchery. Please reach out to Dan to discuss any transportation concerns or questions that you may have.
226-779-0144 x 3

trillium hatchery southwestern ontario stratford perth county

Andrew Sauder

Logistics Co-Ordinator

Andrew is supply chain minded within the poultry industry, scheduling customer orders. Tasked with the role to liaison between producers, customers, and their processors. He also manages incoming inventory levels and outgoing production. Please contact Andrew to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding these areas.

trillium hatchery southwestern ontario stratford perth county

Erin DeLarge

Human Resources

Erin is responsible for filling our Hatchery with a great working team! Scheduling, Payroll, Health and Safety, Employee Engagement and Training are all integral parts of her daily activities. She may be reached via email or phone to discuss any of these areas with you.

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