Why early feeding?

  • Animal Welfare

  • Bird Health

  • Barn Performance

  • Elimination of Antibiotics

Why would you NOT do it?

Dehydration is unhealthy!

Chick weight 45.3g

Excellent body temperature 40.3°C

2.9 g / 24 h = -6.4%

Even in optimal conditions, dehydration is always dangerous!

Early feeding improves intestinal development

Our answer is simple!

Light, feed, and water in hatcher: first necessities of life

  • No dehydration

  • No hunger

  • Optimal continuation of development

Positive effects of early feeding in HatchCare

  • Faster uptake of residual yolk

  • Improved intestinal development

  • Improved immune system

HatchCare: Hatcher with Light, Feed and Water

It all starts with the eggs

  • Excellect hatching eggs

  • Perfect climate during storage and transport

Next Step is Great Incubation

  • 18 days of perfect embryo development

Transfer to Hatcher

  • Live embryo detection

  • Only viable eggs are moved

Eggs are Vaccinated

Feed is added

Perfect Hatching Climate for All

  • Early - Normal - Late Hatch Windows are all accommodated

Food & Water

  • Fun and Sun


“Hatch” Day

  • Chicks remain un-disturbed in box

  • One quick inspection

  • One quick vaccination

Next Stop – Farm

HatchCare is more than only early feeding

  • Less stress during handling and selection

  • Egg tray is separator: No sorting automation needed

    No chick counter needed.
    Hatch cradle is transport basket.

The 10 Progress Points Made with HatchCare